About Us

Our Mission is to promote Jazz music through education and performances.

The Panamerican School of Music offers the following opportunities:

  • Jazz Educational Programs: Workshops, Seminars, and Classes in  Arranging, Improvisation and Jazz Ensemble.
  • Jazz Education Overseas: Educational Programs for Schools outside the United States.
  • Jazz Performances within the U.S. territory and around the world.
  • Online Distance Learning programs
  • Continuing Education for music teachers, music therapists, voice professionals and health practitioners
  • Music Therapy program for people with developmental disabilities


We have a series of workshops, seminars and courses that provide aspiring musicians with the tools needed to succeed in the real world of the music business. The Panamerican School of Music’s Jazz program helps the motivated student master the arts of jazz arranging and performance.

Our staff have been influential in the development of jazz, teaching and performing at the best schools in the U.S. and around the world. Now they have developed new creative ideas for sharing with the young student interested in becoming a high-level professional musician.

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