Intensive Courses

Course in Arranging and Improvization in Jazz

This is an intensive 3-week full time course in which students will attend classes 4 days each week. They will receive training in Jazz improvisation, Arranging and Jazz Ensemble.
Students will have the opportunity to learn the craft of writing for a big band, strings, voices, and the rhythm section with Alan Copeland. They will also attend Improvisation in Jazz classes with Sid Jacobs.

This course is recommended for musicians; singers; advanced and intermediate students; music teachers; orchestra, choir and big band directors and arrangers.

This first part of the day consist of theory classes and on the second half, there will be classes in which students and instructor will be able to put their hands-on experience.

3-Full Time Weeks

12-Jazz Arranging  Classes

12-Jazz Improvisation Classes

6-Jazz Improvisation Workshops

6 Jazz Ensamble Sessions

Week 1

Sample Schedule

10.00-11.00: Check In
11.00-12.00: Welcome Reception
1.30-2.30:   Live Concert With Copeland-Jacobs-Sune Trio
3.00-4.00: Break
4.00-5.00: Orientation-Goal Setting
10.00-11.30   Arranging Techniques w/Alan Copeland
11.30-1.00 Improvisation in Jazz Music w/Sid Jacobs
1.00-2.00  Break
2.00-3.30  Ensamble Practice w/Alan Copeland
3.30-4.00     Break
4.00-5.30  Jam Practice w/Sid Jacobs
6.00-7.00   Rehearsal for Live Performance
6-8 pm  Certificates-Awards-Live Performance-Jam Session

Some of the content of the curricula we will work on these course.

The Art and Craft of Score Writing

Chord Voicings and Voceleading

Countermelody Lines

Orchestration-Instrumentation in different Jazz settings

Writing for Strings

Writing for Voices

Writing for the Rhythm Section

Writing for the Brass Section

Writing for the Horn Section

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